The Coalville Drama Group is a long established drama group founded originally within the Adult School Movement in the Coalville Adult School Hall.

The Drama Group has the privilege of presenting up to 4 productions a year, in March, June, September & December. These can be drama, comedy, farce or any other type of production that is deemed suitable. The Coalville Drama Group operate an open production style, where the nominated producer has total control of the play chosen, the cast members and the production style. All members would support this producer in their chosen production, by being available to assist either on or back stage.
It is helpful if the nominated producer informs the committee of the chosen play so that a balanced selection of plays can be presented to the public. It is not that the committee can decide to veto a particular production, but they must have input, to ensure unsuitable plays are at least discussed. After all, the Drama Group are paying to put on a production, we must ensure we don’t bankrupt the ourselves by presenting a succession of unattended and therefore unprofitable plays. That said, we do not want to be a society that chooses plays ‘by committee’.

Our long term views & aims include but are not restricted to the following-

  • To produce up to 4 plays a year to a high standard.
  • To further the skills, acting abilities and experience of all our members.
  • To purchase all necessary required stage equipment to prevent high rental costs.
  • To assist in the continuation of our most valuable asset the Old School House Theatre.
  • To promote the social functions of the society members.

The Drama Group rehearse on Tuesdays & Fridays. All rehearsals START at 07.30pm, so be there in time before. Always assume you are required unless told otherwise by the producer. If you cannot attend, inform the producer directly as soon as possible.
Duties / Responsibilities of Officers
Responsible for running Drama Group. Chairing of committee meetings. Often is approached as ‘spokesperson’ of group.
Vice Chairman
Understudies and supports Chairman.
Meeting minute’s, correspondence, booking of license, ordering play books.
Publicity Officer – liaises with local media. Organizes publicity of drama group as well as show.
Programme Designer – Responsible for design & production of Programme.
Produces financial accounts of drama group, both over the year and per show. Pays monies into bank account and holds drama group cheque account book.
Ensures financial accounts are accurate. Takes yearly accounts and audits.
Front Of House (FOH) Manager
Responsible for ensuring auditorium is safe for public, liaises with St John’s, arranges FOH staff. FOH staff would normally include greeting / ticket sellers, Programme sellers & tea servers. In addition, at least one member of staff is needed on duty for the entire time that the public is in the hall. The FOH manager also needs to arrange seating, window blackout & hall opening & lock-up.
Stage Manager (SM)
Over-views that the set is built and conforms to producer’s requirements. Assists in all technical requirements. In charge of play once run starts, ensures all production team are working together, gives technical cues. All back-stage crew report to stage manager (SM).
Lighting / Sound Technical Officers
Lighting – Ensures all required technical lighting is arranged & all necessary equipment is sourced. Runs show lighting.
Sound – Ensures all required sound is arranged, from sound effects to pre-show music. Runs show sound.
Staging – Ensures set and all required staging is built to producers direction.
These officers report to the SM and the producer.
Ticket Sales Officer
Liaises with ticket outlets to ensure tickets are easily available to public. Allocates seating and keeps record of volume of ticket sales. Ensures FOH staff has float monies and sufficient ‘on the door’ tickets. Hold ticket monies until show complete.
Ensures make-up supplies are sufficient for show, ensures cast have make-up that is required. Assists with application of make-up if required.
Reports to producer / director. Ensures continuity.
Reports to producer / director. Responsible for sourcing of all stage properties with minimum cost to drama group. Ensures props cupboard contains only ‘this show’ material. Sets each scene.
Costume / Wardrobe
Reports to producer / director. Responsible for sourcing of all cast wardrobe with minimum cost to drama group.
Responsible for ensuring all refreshment materials is available. Ensures sufficient staff available to make and distribute teas.
Member of Drama Group
Supports drama group, informs producer / director & FOH manager & refreshments officer of availability for cast, FOH duties, tea duties. All members would be expected to perform at least one night FOH / tea duties when not cast in a production. All members would be available for all rehearsals that may be required.
Duties / Responsibilities of Producer & Director
Duties can include but are not exclusively confined to the following:
Selection of play. Using Samuel French, Warner Chappell or any other source. Liaises with secretary to ensure availability before committing drama group to rehearsals.
Performs basic plotting. This allows all members to understand where they are on stage at any time, this also assists stage crew to ensure exits/entrances & staging is correct.
Selection of cast. Using local knowledge, members list & auditions as necessary. Ensures cast can commit to rehearsal schedule and show dates. Ensures production can be cast before committing drama group to production. If play cannot be cast, an alternative play must be selected. Usually producer approaches each required member to check if available for production. This usually takes place before the end of the previous play.
Organization of rehearsals & produces rehearsal Programme. Ensures cast has sufficient rehearsal time for type of show being produced. Leads extra rehearsals if required.
Liaises with publicity officer to ensure production has correct adverts & publicity.
Organization of back stage crew. Lighting, sound, prompt, props, SM, FOH, costume etc. Ensures officers are in position to support show, and have sufficient information on requirements.
Runs rehearsals. Ensures tea / coffee arrangements are covered. Usually but not necessarily following the rehearsal pattern below:
Leads cast on read through. Explains characterization, what is required of each member, how each character is to be played. Re-arranges cast if necessary.
Leads cast on plotting. Ensures stage plan and cast movement do not conflict. This task can take 30% of rehearsal time.
Leads cast on lib rehearsal. Ensures cast members are conducting characterizations as required.
Leads cast through Dress rehearsals.
Finally, hands production over to SM.