Famous theatre shows

Whether you just enjoy watching shows at the theatre or you are interested in acting in some of them, it’s always good to brush up on your theatre knowledge. You should at least know some of the most classic famous theatre shows from around the world and these include the following:


Any rock fans out there are going to love this theatre show that is loosely based on a French opera. It does bring to the forefront some pretty important scenes however including sexuality, stigma and the ever rather relatable, struggling to pay the rent each month!

Miss Saigon

This amazing play is so popular with fans all over the world. It is basically a tragic love story that unfolds due to the fall of Saigon. There are some absolutely beautiful songs in this show, which really give the cast to show off their talent and the story itself will leave you hooked until the very end.


If you’ve never read or seen the movie of this Ronald Dahl classic, where have you been? It’s a story of wonder, excitement, emotion and of course a few baddies along the way. Some songs have been added into the mix and they are truly wonderful to experience. This theatre show is actually centered around children and children are welcome to come and see the show. Despite the younger audience, the kids in this show are so talented and really bring the magic of Matilda to life.

The Book Of Mormon

This is a very popular theatre show that tells the story of 2 mormon missionary men travelling to Uganda to spread the word of the latter day saints. It’s not all serious however, this is comedy based and was actually written by the creators of South Park.