Best Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is well known for lights, over the top productions and some of the best shows you have ever seen. Some of the shows that are very popular in Las Vegas and worth experiencing for yourself right now include the following:

Cirque du Soleil

The tricks, the costumes and the overall performances in Cirque du Soleil shows are absolutely incredible because they feature such talented performers. They have had a variety of shows over the world and the one that is hot right now is simply called O.

Penn and Teller

These guys are an amazing comedy duo and have been performing in Las Vegas for some time now. Their stunts are extreme, exciting and of course very funny. The great thing about these two is that they sometimes even show the audience how the tricks are done at the end!


If you are looking for something a little bit raunchy, Absinthe is the right show for you. There are major carnival/freak show vibes and you will feel like you’ve been transported to the past. Included in the show is naughty humour, cool stunts, music, funky dancing and a whole lot more.

50 Shades! The Parody

For any fans of 50 Shades of Grey or anyone who absolutely hates it, this parody will leave you howling. This book being read and dissected for an excited audience is much funnier than it sounds and offers a different kind of performance in Vegas.

Zombie Burlesque

This show is exactly what it says in the title and it’s just amazing. It’s 1958, the zombies are around but instead of looking to eat brains, they are hell bent on performing sexy burlesque, with some funny stand up routines thrown in for good measure. With tributes to classic horror movies, Zombie Burlesque is an amazing show.